What is the name of your company?


    What city are you located in?

  3. Which of the following comments best describes your business?

  4. Does your asset or service benefit from competitive barriers such as patents or exclusivity right?


    Over what time period?

  5. From today, how long is required for the asset to start generating revenue (in years)?

  6. How much money do you require until the asset begins generating revenue (in USD)?

  7. What is your primary revenue driver?

  8. How much revenue do you think you will generate per user per annum?

  9. How many users do you expect to acquire per annum?


    How long until this peak volumes are achieved?

  10. What is the cost of each ?


    What is the ongoing cost of each

  11. How much variance is possible in the estimates you have provided?

  12. What is your current yearly revenue?

  13. How has revenue fluctuated on average in past 3 years?


    How do you expect revenue to fluctuate over the next 3 years?

  14. How is your earnings margin expected to fluctuate?


    How many extra cents in the dollar are you expecting to attract in the earnings margin?

  15. Are existing earnings sufficient to cover required capital expenditures on the business?


    How much external capital is required in total to fund these expenditures?

  16. Has the business assumed any borrowings?


    How much borrowings are currently outstanding?

  17. How important are the founders to daily operations, supplier and customer relationships?

  18. What proportion of income is supplied by your top 5% of clients

  19. Does your business benefit from competitive barriers such as patents or exclusivity rights


    In how many years do these barriers lapse?

  20. How much current income is contractually recurrent or subscription based?

  21. What is your product/service?


    What geographic region are you servicing?

  22. How many customers in this region would possibly use the product/service you offer?


    How much revenue is the business expected to generate per customer per annum?

  23. How would you describe this market?


    What market share do the top 3 participants in this industry presently command?

  24. Is your business protected from competition via exclusive licenses, patents or other measures?

  25. How much annualised revenue is the business currently generating?


    How much funding do you need?

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