About Us


Startupvalue.io has been created as a passion project by Incipient IT, a venture development company specialising in the commercialisation of high growth technology startups.

Our free valuation tool has been compiled by a team of certified analysts with 10+ years of investment valuation experience under their belts.

As a free tool, we plan to continue optimisation of the service and improve valuation metrics with real-time data.


Startupvalue.io is a free resource for all. If you want to partner with us to provide our tools as a free resource to your database, talk to us any time by emailing info@startupvalue.io.

Meet the Team

Phillip Shamieh

CEO, Allied Holdings

Phillip has been in the investment banking and corporate finance arena for over 20 years specialising in technology, consumer retail and mining & resources. Phillip is the CEO of Allied Holdings.

Matthew Dibb

Founder, Incipient Technologies

Founder of venture development firm Incipient, Matthew has personally raised over $30m for portfolio companies. Matthew is a regular contributor to Techcrunch and Venture Beat.

Tim Morris

Senior Analyst, Wise-owl

Tim has been a small cap equities analyst for over 10 years focusing on the analysis and valuation of pre-revenue businesses. Tim commonly features on Bloomberg and Sky Business.

Thank you to our partners for making this free tool a reality