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Ever wondered what your startup is worth?

We provide a simple and efficient way to calculate a valuation of your company in literally minutes. Stack the numbers like a venture capitalist, private equity firm or a sophisticated investor to discover what your startup is worth today.

Our valuation methods are calculated from common institutional funding formulas that are employed by some of the largest VC firms and angels worldwide.

Get smarter and get more informed. Completely free.


“Super quick and easy. Way better than messing around with a massive excel spreadsheet! I can’t wait till you guys incorporate the comparable analysis in the next update – it should be huge!”

“This gives me a really good and solid overview of how potential investors are looking at my company. Thanks guys.”

Using financial metrics crafted
by the investment community

Discount Cash Flow
Discount Cash flow
CFME Valuation
CFME Valuation
Peer Valuation
Peer valuation
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VC Method
VC Method


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Use our leading tools for private equity analysis to calculate the Net Present Value of your startup.

In just 3 minutes, we will give you one simple, concise and interactive report to share with whoever you want completely free.

Watch out for our Comparable Analysis valuation method coming next month which will extract real-time funding and valuation statistics of startups that are similar to your own.

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